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Faculty Research Promotion Schemes

No applications will be accepted for BSR Faculty Fellowship, Mid Career Award & Start-Up Grant Schemes of UGC w.e.f. 29.01.2021 until further notice.

Faculty Research Promotion Schemes (FRPS) of the University Grants Commission (UGC) offer research support to the University Science Faculties. The Schemes cover:
Faculty at 3 different levels
300+ universities
Several disciplines
... and the opportunities
Entry-Level Faculty
Start-Up Grant
Provides seed money for research to new faculty at the time of commencement of career.
Mid-Level Faculty
Mid-Career Award
Aims to augment the research efforts of active mid-career faculty with this incentive.
Senior-Level Faculty
BSR Faculty Fellowship
Enables a longer research career for a successful senior faculty nearing superannuation.
News & Updates
Latest updates from the FRPS team:
The Empowered Committee approved latest list (September 10, 2021) of the successful and unsuccessful candidates of Start...
Recent Recipients
Some of the latest recipients:
The Programme
This Programme is an initiative of the Empowered Committee for Basic Scientific Research (BSR) in Indian Universities and is implemented by UGC.
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